The Travel Photography Cheat Sheet

One of the final joys of travel is printing out your pictures. Up until you print and frame them you can’t really be sure of you got a gem or not and coming home without that ultimate shot is always a bit of a let down. Photography is the act of capturing a memory. It can freeze fleeting happiness. An image cannot be recreated the next year or in another place. This is my cheat sheet for always getting the shots I want.

1. Selfie! I know a lot of people who go to the Eiffel Tower and don’t get a picture with themselves in it. Ok, maybe you don’t want one but that’s now. The fact is you’re pic of the Eiffel Tower will look a lot like my pic of the Eiffel Tower and while landscapes are good for memories you’re scrapbook will be lacking without you in it.

2. Recognize your own travel favorites. In all of Athens my favorite thing was walking through the square by my hotel every morning. It wasn’t something we planned, it was a necessity to get to the Plaka, but the fresh fruit and people were a highlight and as much as I expected to come home with a framed picture of The Parthenon I framed a picture of devil red strawberries. I also had to send that pic to all my friends because no one else took a pic.

3. Your hotel room. If its really nice or really ugly it makes for a good story.

4. Amazing food you want to recreate. If you’re a kitchen maven and like to recreate dishes from the road these pics will add to any recipes you perfect and write down.

5. Have a signature shot. For a long time I had a photo wall of architecture, always shot really close to the building and looking up. It was easy to always get and it adds a cohesiveness to you collages.

7. Group shots and singles. It’s easy to fall into the habit of taking pics in large groups but you may not want to remember everyone from your trip. If you’ve been dreaming of a place your entire life just say it is for a relative and be sure to get it.


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