How Things Work: Sephora’s VIB

how to work sephora’s vib:

sephora is best known for its freebies and exclusives which is what gives this brand such an edge even with all the sample societies and branded marketing out there. In fact it was sephora’s free samples with purchase that originally got me into it back when it opened its first store in manhattan. every year i look forward to my birthday freebie and this year that freebie helped me discover my new favorite mascara – benefit they’re real! – recently i decided to actually read the sephora insider rules and realized that for all the money i spent this year i was maybe $50 away from becoming a VIB with freebies and invites to exclusive events (you need to spend $350). your points roll over for only the calendar year and one year following. If you don’t already have a lot of money toward your membership waiting until January 1st to buy your goodies will extend your vib shelf life. being a compulsive online basketer (it’s ok not to press buy just fill up that cart!) i went to sephora and basketed everything I usually purchased within a year. i needed a new primer and a new concealer, i knew i wanted to try Sugar and their gift sets would give me about 5 stocking stuffers, before i knew it i had 350 of beauty products in my cart then i took a screen shot and x’d out. I checked my account and decided I was close enough to finish this year vib and then get myself enrolled for the next two years come January. $350 amazingly turns into not that much money when you include birthday presents for friends! *Gift cards don’t count for buying or paying.

sure spending money all at once rather than over a year will be difficult cash flow wise but i’m certianly not missing out on any freebies! *i’ll also note that you can be a VIB plus but you need to spend 1,000 buckeroos while thats pretty easy to do at sephora that’s a jaw dropping number and I must be stopped!

VIB what you get:
Seasonal gifts, dibs on new products, special events, and early access to sales


2 thoughts on “How Things Work: Sephora’s VIB

  1. muffinchanel

    If you qualify for VIB before the end of the year, you keep your VIB status through the next year.

    From “Earn VIB status by spending $350 on merchandise at, in a Sephora retail store, or in Sephora inside JCPenney store within a calendar year (January-December). VIB status is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year.”

    Plus, right now is the VIB sale — 20% off. So if you go in the store, and buy just $50 of the gifts you’d want; you’d be VIB. Then you could use the 20% off to get all the other things you wanted. The sale goes through the 11th, just so you know. 🙂


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