Fitbit Lazy DIY!

A Fitbit Lazy DIY!

SR recently talked me into becoming one of the Fitbit groupies, a walking data mine whose every footstep is recording, a proud bearer of a little rubber bracelet that reminds me of the Hot Topic bracelets I bought in high school because I was ‘oh so cool’.

A Fitbit is a small rubber bracelet pedometer that tracks your steps and encourages you to get up off that bum. I have the flex which has a two inch (ish) device that slips into the rubber casing and then glows with dots to let you know how many miles you’ve achieved that day. These bracelets are pretty popular which is great for finding friends you can “race” but not so great because everyone knows you’re wearing a Fitbit. I’m not against showing my product loyalty but a fitness band doesn’t really “go” with my new Manolos (yes, I am the proud owner of Manolos now… but we’ll get to that later).

This Lazy DIY was my way of turning my Fitbit into a boho bangle. I bought ombre thread on Amazon, a whole bushel of it for $7. The whole thing took me about 15 minutes. The rubber, which was my least favorite part of the bracelet, helps the thread to stay in place so it is a glue free production!

Step 1: click your Fitbit shut. I find it is easier to do this while the Fitbit is a circle and already the shape it will be worn it. The thread needs to be taught all around.

Step 2: Start at the top, near the gadget cubby – be sure you can still take this bit out easily. Starting at top is best, since the bracelet gets thinner towards the bottom. Tie the thread around with a knot and leave about an inch of string that you can wrap into the design. Place that inch along the inside of the bracelet so when you circle the thread around it is hidden. This will help the design stay in place.

Step 3: Start wrapping. Just keep going in a circle and making sure the thread is taught and lining up side by side with no overlapping threads. Take it down until your are at the clasp but not covering the clasp or the hole you need for your size.

Step 4: Tie off your thread. You can either tie it multiple times and use a needle to tuck the remaining thread under the design or you can use a dot of glue on the knot (not the Fitbit) to hold it in place.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Enjoy! You now have a custom boho Fitbit!




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