January Haul

Sephora + thrift + a bit of cheek!

My first purchase this month was two sets from Sephora – the Tarte palette and the Stila box set. Both were on a post-holiday sale but I think they are available for $35 each.

I was drawn in by an advert for the Tarte palette which is entirely matte. I’m completely obsessed with it. Every color is beautiful and gives just a slight color. The Amazonian clay has a rather nice feel and the powder eyeliners stay put really well. The case is also gorgeous so that helps and the brush included is excellent.

The Stila purchase a bit spur of the moment but I really wanted to try the eye crayon. I’m rubbish at liquid eyeliner and this seemed like an excellent substitute. I used it for a cat eye straight away and it was amazing. The precision is perfect and it’s very smooth – no skin tug. (Sorry that sounds nasty). The lippy had a nice sheen but I’m allergic to it (most glosses really) so that’s going to my sister. The blush and shadow are hyper pigmented and shimmery so I’ll save those for summer. Excellent color pay off and the blush makes a nice shadow. The illuminator is pretty for spring as well.




Then I went to get a latte during lunch and accidentally stumbled upon an amazing thrift shop where I picked up a Tory Birch cardi ($13!) and some vintage Manolo Blahniks ($45!). The cardi headed off to the dry cleaner and I’ll need a bit of stiletto practice for the shoes but I’m crazy excited!


I swore off shopping for the rest of the month but then I found these at Anthropologie for $19 and I loved them. They are silk trousers with pale blue flowers.


Finally, the really cheeky item I’m planning on buying is a 1940s day dress from Vivienne of Holloway. I love this style and it quite difficult to find outside vintage reproduction shops like VoH. I own one with black roses, but what design should I get?! I’m buying now because they discontinued the style and generally make more 50s cut dresses but they are $90 so I need to give it a proper ponder. Opinions? List below please!

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