The Single Girl’s Guide to: Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung and since it took until May to do so I’m guessing that summer heat wave is imminent (so much for my adorable sweater skirts and booties outfits). That gives us only a short window for spring cleaning since I’m sure we were all enjoying a little extended winter-sucks-lets-stay-in-and-spike-our-cocoa mope. By next month we will be sneaking onto the Hampton’s Jittney and completely ignoring our dust bunnies. I’m so excited! There’s no time to clean we need to begin planning margarita Mondays, setting up our outdoor easel, and shop for sandals in Roy g and Biv!

But first…
Step 1: de clutter da clutter
I like to sort my winter clothing while it’s still a bit cold otherwise I get over excited and Goodwill all of my snow socks as if winter will never come again. This year I mostly Willed things that didn’t fit and a few items pilled into an early grave. It is also a good time to try on all of your work outfits for a friend since they can tell you if something is too ratty for the office.
Check makeup for discoloration or an odd odor (aka bacteria) then give perfumes a Sniff test since these change over time (I’m not saying trash it – let’s not be hasty perfumes are expensive – but either use it quickly or repurpose. Spray it in your closet to refresh clothing or use as a hair most after a dye job. As long as it doesn’t suddenly reek you can even spray it in gym bags, beach bags, and presents you’re giving away (yeah we’re getting extravagant here).

Step 2: clean and store
Now that you’ve gotten rid of winter items you don’t want it’s time to store the ones you do. This includes dry cleaning your parka and comforter and other coats. Any items that you wear often but never bother to dry clean should also go in at this time.

Step 3: deep clean
Vacuum the rug (and bed? Is this a real thing?), dust shelves, wash the floor, it’s amazing at how long it really doesn’t take.

Step 4: the bathroom and kitchen
It’s amazing how long this really does take.

Step 5:
Clean makeup brushes, replace puffs and loofahs with fresh, wash contact cases and little things like your asthma inhaler.

Step 6:
Product inventory. This is a good time to look at what you have (especially samples) and trash the old. Then make an organized pile and use the stuff up over the summer (don’t we all take more showers then anyway?)

Step 7:
Go through your box of home records and make sure you’ve had all yearly dentist/doctor appointment, gotten your tax return and important receipts, checked your smoke detector, know where all your spare house & car keys are, know where all your credit cards are, check when your passport and drivers license expire. (This is why I keep a checklist on top of the box. Too complicated!)


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