Palacio del Inka

I love hotels and this hotel is one of my favorites ever. It was once the summer palace of Francisco Pizzaro (before he was drawn and quartered in the Plaza des Armas) and is mere steps from the ruins of the sun Temple. The ruins are pretty and are employed as a park so you can have a nice picnic here near a snake-shaped fountain. The Plaza des Armas is about three blocks away and very easy to find.


If you bother to leave the hotel… which we didn’t. I know, I know! Travel blasphemy! But this was halfway through our hotel, three days into epic food poisoning, altitude sickness was wreaking havoc on our senses, and we had just conquered Machu Pichu the day before. Whew. We were ready for a break. (The stay at the hotel was an impromptu Expedia purchase made during a vomit-break while centipedes crawled on us at a crappy hotel in the Sacred Valley). The hotel is beautiful and clean. When you arrive you are given cocoa tea and a place in an arm-chair to fill out your entry forms. Then you’re whisked off to your room with white-white-white sheets, soaps by Gillcrest & Sommes, hot drinkable water, and a large TV.


The moment we got there bed-jumping commenced followed by the hottest showers where I scrubbed off half my skin. Once tucked into the plush white robes and slippers we climbed on the bed and ate tasty room service while watching Ellen and The Today Show, cause that’s American TV exports for you. I was then begrudgingly pulled from my bed to go to the spa. The food poisoning made me a little hydro-phobic (since I think that’s what was making me sick) so we skipped the pools although they looked amazing and included a hydro-massage lounged IN THE WATER. Instead, we sat in the star room and relaxed before our 90 minute facial. After the facial we went back to the room and wondered if we could spend the night. After finishing our coca tea our hunger did force us to leave the room.

We changed, contemplated leaving the hotel, poked our heads out, and turned back. After popping into the shops we had drinks at the bar which features an Incan-built wall as a backdrop. We also had quinoa encrusted chick fingers and complementary potato chips which was all delicious. After sitting here for a while we moved on to dinner which was a tasty feast that I barely remember as exhaustion had begun to set in. We tucked into the soft bed quite happy indeed.


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