Covet: Carter Family Portraits

The internet has yielded many moments of pure cultural absurdity over the past two decades, from lolKatz to memes to autotune, oh how we love altering history. Carter Family Portraits is a new name to add to the list (HuffPost even weighed in) and the creative souls over there have been putting in the hours to find all the best portraits for yonce-fying your house. For everyone who ever thought “man, that Da Vinci could paint… too bad he never painted Blue Ivy…” *walks away uninspired* here’s the website for you!
Yes, more please!
Now to the shopping. That’s right, there’s a shop – thank you Society 6, and now my shrine to B shall be complete from top to tip. What shall I buy? Perhaps…

a shower curtain titled ‘Bey in the Garden’ (aka Self portrait with a necklace by Friday Kahlo)

a mug ‘Bey takes a dip in the pool’ (aka Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais)

a rug ‘Bey on her Gold Lame Sofa’ (aka Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer I)

Of course the things I’m tempted to break my no-more-art-don’t-do-it-no rule for is the (‘Jay in Shades’) Jay-Z (aka Henry VIII by Hans Holbein) and (‘Bey wearing her favorite necklace’) Bey as Anne Boleyn (16th century, unknown artist) giclee prints…

Finally, I can have a real gallery a la The Good Wife full of nothing but the Carter family’s pretty faces. My decor is complete.


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