The Independence of (Federalist) Design

Happy Fourth of July! July is by far the best month, and not just because it houses my celestial birthday. (woot!?!) This month also owns a pretty awesome color scheme.
Red white and blue are classics. Especially when you’re trying to convey that modern federalist vibe, but they can be intense for a bedroom or small kitchen. Federalist is so often interpreted with heavy floral fabrics, thick carpets, and clunky furniture covered in dust and delicate china. What would a boho Federalist look like you wonder?
Choosing the appropriate range of color is important, a bedroom would benefit from bright blue and pinky reds, while a study has the capacity to go into a deep crimson and navy. The most important thing here (which I found after repainting my Union Jack (now Chinoisie) dresser three times) is to keep the red and blue in the same family – teal with cherry and maroon with blah-bleh blue. Even though I changed my dresser design for something a bit lighter (and vertical-friendly) I kept the Union Jack with a mirror DIY and I added some Americana via a Georgia O’Keefe red, white, and blue skull DIY.
While this worked well for my room, Tommy Smythe hands down did the coolest Federalist room ever.
A few key elements of Smythe’s space, which was shown off on Domaine, were
Those Chairs! Yes, they are snow leopard print and Martha Washington would have been all WTF? instead of all OMGILI! but the wing-back style is perfect.
There is a lot of dark wood to anchor the space but the light accents, like a white table top, makes it easier on the soul.
There’s a kickin gallery wall. Which is actually very Federalist (Federalists were the original hipsters?).
Brass is back!!!! Remember when it was all silver, silver, silver? Well, no more! Largely inspired by the discovery of little brass animals at flea markets…, brass has made a comeback and looks amazing with black and white interiors.
The giant adorned mirror in the back left side, the flag pillow, and the black lampshade bring this design home – not to mention the Hermes throw…

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