The ULTIMATE Covet:The Best Sleep-over ever

I am devastated. Writing this I am positively heartbroken and that is because I am dealing with the most covetable of covets. Forget Chanel GSTs, Celine booties, and Marilyn Minter photographs – this is the thing I’ve wanted my entire life, I wanted it before it existed and now that it has magically come into this world – like a mule birthing a unicorn – IT IS $375!

That wonderful “thing” is the chance to sleepover in the Natural History Museum ADULTS ONLY. That’s right, just me and my girls chillin under the big blue whale, braiding our hair and talkin cute boys n pink champagne. The kiddie version of all this runs $175… which is a lot of money… but I would have left work and gone straight to the museum to get my tickets immediately if this was the price of the adult-shin-dig. In fact, when my friend posted this to Facebook I thought it was lies – vicious lies!- or at least some sort of Onion prank. If you’re all “ok weirdo calm it down INTS – it’s not like that time Carrie Bradshaw found Manolo Mary Janes.” But it is because…

Museum of Natural History to host adult slumber party

It’s like an aquarium, museum, and somehow Zenon (the vibe is there, can’t explain this feeling), and everything wonderful from your childhood has been presented in inky darkness and it’s better than 13 because a. you’re not 13 and b. there’s alcohol (but apparently not much!)

Now the price tag, and the presence of a jazz band, suggest that this evening is meant for 150 museum patrons read: willing to donate a few spare dino fossils. So I’m keeping hope alive. Maybe next month they’re announce their plebeian sleepover – the one’s the nerdy kids are invited to. This will be Prosecco with pizza, s’mores with our lectures covering string theory and super sharks, and a lovely $200 price tag (where has my definition of cheap gone?) The New York Post also reports that there is no midnight snack (most likely due to the 3-course meal) but this earns a tsk tsk.


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