27 Trips to Take before You’re 27

In honor of my 27th birthday I decided to dream up my favorite must-go vacation spots…

1. Disney World, Orlando FL

The magic of Disney never really runs out but hitting this spot early ensures you’ll never forget the meaning of the words “…but… it’s Disney.”

2. The beach

A beach, any beach will do. Frolic in the waves, do a few cartwheels in the sand (or try you’re best – if your feet leave the ground it counts ;), somehow find a funnel cake and fight a seagull for it.

3. A National Monument

Seeing something of your state’s history helps you appreciate where you’re from, the time you live in, and help you out during game night at the Pub.

4. Washington DC

For all the above reasons – and so you can watch Scandal and be all “yeah you know that’s really how it is.”

5. Boston

Get yourself some Clam Chowder, giirrrlll

6. New York

Because weather you’re a Samantha, a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte, or a Steve – you’ve got some serious fantasies to act out

7. The plantearium

Unless you’ve got some degrees to back it up, people find it weird if adults go to planetariums by themselves… (tear)

8. Sleep over in a museum


9. London

So much of our history is wrapped up in the Empire, and a trip across the pond is a fascinating look at American history. It is also an excellent way for young people to get their feet wet with international travel.

10. Paris

Croissants, romance, art, more croissants. Paris is like a gateway to the romantic daydream that kept you occupied (and failing) Trigonometry in high school.

11. The Vatican

First read the Da Vinci Code, then follow the map… just kidding (sort of). The Vatican museum has art from all over the world and houses an incredible collection of Renaissance art. The food is also AMAZING!

12. Road trip!

Even if it’s only to the state border and back again, good friends and excellent music solidifies your reason for living.

13. An outdoor movie theater.

Classic Americana, if you can hit up a 50s diner and do some antiquing on your way you get extra credit.

14. The other side of the Mason Dixon line.

From wherever you live, see the flip side of things.

15. Then hop the Mississippi too.

The regions of the United States are pretty different and traveling around before your decide where to go to college or start a family may make things a bit easier. (Which means blowing your life savings on a hike to Zion is just good planning.)

16. Monument Valley

One of the most incredible sights in the world, you won’t believe you didn’t have to go that far to see it.

17. The far… something

Pick a direction and go. This will most likely land you somewhere far from your comfort zone, and even if you retreat back into your native land and never leave again, you’ll know what you like.

18. The place your father grew up.

19. The place your mother grew up.

20. Wherever you find people you identify a your own, culturally or nationally.

21. The region your favorite food comes from.

22. The land your favorite booze comes from, and hey if you’re not into that how about some Iron Bru?

23. Somewhere you can do something important.

Want to feed baby pandas in China? Count turtles in Costa Rica? Teach kids in Thailand? Volunteering will allow you to travel AND to embrace a career you may not viably be able to pursue in real life.

24. Find something ancient.

There were many worlds on earth before ours. From the Egyptian pyramids, the Romans in Bath, UK, to the mounds in the southern US.

25. Have a stay-cation.

Visit the local museum, have a picnic in the park, do all the things you always say “I’ve lived here for 5 years and still haven’t_____”

26. Take a trip someone else plans.

Letting someone else take the reigns on your where-a-bouts for a number of days is daunting but it can be fun to sit back and enjoy the ride.

27. A birthday get-a-way!

Take an epic adventure just to celebrate your own birth. Ignore everyone, throw a dramatic tantrum, and be entirely selfish. (and if you’re friends are still speaking to you take a ton of photos).

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