How Things Work: Audible!

That advertisement haunts my many moons spent driving home from work and listening to the Stuff you Missed in History podcasts.

Audio books appealed to me because I love to read but my commute is a long drive which eats up valuable reading time. I enjoy podcasts which was a good (and free) way for me to experiment with audiobooks.

I decided to try Audible and I spent a long time speaking with their customer service to select my plan. Powered by Amazon, they have a TON of options and I found a new releases I’d really wanted to read which would be $45 without a membership. Which is insane.

With a membership you get a book a month – they do this via book credits so you can get a $95 new release or a $5 “paperback” – whatever you choose. They also have good prices for members, immediately I got one of my favorite books for $3.99.

I bought my subscription online at (not on Amazon). When you get to the homepage scroll down to the grey box – it is easiest to navigate from here and you can click on Membership Plans.

The plan is $14/month, they did away with their 12 tokens for $120 plan which is too bad because I thought that was the best. You can do the ‘skip a month plan’ which gives you 1 token every two months but is half the price – an excellent way to use the service on a budget. You also get a 30 day free trial. The books you buy during the free trial are yours to keep! (as of 7/31/14)

I cancelled my $14/month plan after the 30 days because of money. I may re-engage it but in the mean time I can tell all y’all about how easy it was to cancel. I called. That was it. They offered to put me on a 2-month hold, I said no. Two hours later they sent me a cancellation e-mail. Done. It was so easy! *Note – when you do this take note of your Amazon name. I use a nickname on my account and it made me difficult to find until I realized my mistake. 😡

The app:

Audible can run off an app on your iPhone/iPod touch. I like to listen to mine in the car so this was ideal for me. The app is incredibly easy to set-up and you have access to all of the books in your cloud.


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