Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #3

A Tiny Slice Of Kate

Sleepingbootays beauty jibber jabber

Learning caps at the ready gals and prepare to get beauty-term savvy with my third (mini) instalment of “Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained”

1) Peptides: Peptides are little protein molecules that have an ability to change the way skin cells operate. They encourage skin cells to increase circulation or produce more collagen naturally, among other things.

2) Silicone: This is a smoothing ingredient, added to products to aid the skin in retaining moisture.

3) Essential Oils: In its most basic definition, an essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from the parts (leaves, stem, flower, etc.) of a plant. A flower actually gets its scent from what eventually becomes an essential oil. What’s even more confusing is that they aren’t even oil-y but in fact quite watery in their texture!

4) Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Organic elements that improve skin tone by clearing dead skin cells and lightening spots (Glycolic acid and…

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