9 Ways to Save Money this Fall by Shopping More

For some of us shopping is inevitable. Maybe we should be reading Shopaholic as a cautionary tale, but for us it is a how-to guide.

However there are a few tips and tricks that can elevate you from broke shopaholic to closet extraordinaire with money left over for those concert tickets you want.

1. Carting. Carting is to shoppers what lunges are to runners. You flex the same muscle, enjoy the same endorphins, just in a mini, free, and guiltless way. Carting is when you log on to your favorite digital retailer, and carefully decide what you’ll buy with a certain amount of play money. (Piperlime may be $500, Outnet maybe $5,000) Then you just X out.

2. Coupon Goading. This is similar to the above but here you log into your account before you buy, this way the retailer will send you a coupon code to entice you to buy the item you left behind.

3. Fatwallet and Ebates. These sites give discounts for items you were already going to buy. Officially, these are referral sites, so they advertise to you on behalf of the client (retailer) but you can type in your shop, follow the link, and get cash back. (Toms, Piperlime, BestBuy)

4. Use free shipping and returns. I hate to buy anything if I have to pay shipping. Most of the time if I can’t get it from the retailer, Amazon will have it. Urban Outfitters, Zappos, Piperlime, and BaubleBar all have return policies that lessen buyer’s remorse.

5. Find out if a neighbor state doesn’t collect sales tax. If you live in New York and work in New Jersey, shipping to the office can save you some dough.

6. Use the right credit card. Most cards offer cash back, get the phone app so that you can easily sign up for the monthly deals. If you have multiple cards, get to know their programs – Amex is great for travel, Discover is ideal for goodies.

7. Worth it. This app let’s you pick your ideal price, then it alerts you when the item hits that price. Brills.

8. Keep an inventory of your closet. We all dream of Cher Horowitz closet, and adjoining closet app, but so far there aren’t any closet apps that easily replicate her inventory. A simple list in your e-mail drafts folder means it’s always accessible and you won’t double purchase.

9. If you have the time, build an album on Facebook for clothing you wouldn’t mind your friends borrowing, have them do the same. Then shop the albums when you truly “have nothing to wear”.

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