The Backpack Edit

Finally, backpacks have slothed their way out of fashion oblivion and regained their rightful 90s glory as a season essential. Jansports used to be the the ONLY backpack in the yard, those brightly colored canvas carry-alls that were $15 at Marshalls, but the new crop of backpacks are a distant relative of the backpack and the oh-so-cute school tote. These bags have serious style and many have more straps than I know what to do with. Which style are you buying this season?!

The Luxe – These are all from Shopbop










The High

u3UNIF has brought us this bucket backpack with 2-way adjustable straps (shoulder and over the shoulder). $138

I can’t even deal with how much I want this ridiculous yin-yang backpack. Especially when it is filled with those sweetie candies no one ever buys but they end up filling your sack on Halloween – what were those? – but this is seriously cute in a nostalgic-but-my-boss-would-be-like-whaaaaaa? kinda way.


Urban Outfitters had a huge selection, and they offer free ship + free returns!


*clockwise, skipping the wallet-friendly double clasp cutie*

Channel your inner elf with this chrisvanveghel number, simple clean leather folded into a knapsack. $375

Keep the summer outdoorsy vibe going year round with this Frye classic backpack. $448

If Denaris went to summer camp, this Collina Strada Novella silver satchel pack is what she’d use to keep her dragon eggs close. (and that’s a good reason for you to buy it!) $495

TGraded leather Campos backpack, now this is cool and different. $278

Tory Birch, so subtle, so sexy, $395ttt

The Moderate

A surprisingly affordable option from Urban Outfitters, this Cooperative Oliver backpack is chic and utilitarian. $69 *see UO graphic above

ttMarc Jacobs nylon backpack, $198


I ended up ordering a few from Forever 21 = faux leather, free ship AND in-store returns. *Below, clockwise*

A bit of a mail bag style with the fat bottom and thin folded top, this bag has two straps and a handle for the crook of your arm. $33

Classic but retro, this is one of the few chic packs to have zips, which is a nice feature for security. $28

This drawstring pack got an update from it’s gold bar clasp. It also looks cheekily like the $2,000 one from the Row. $33

This is a true backpackbag hybrid, a bit more bag than backpack, an itty bitty baglet that can really only hold your essentials (lipstick, iphone, business cards). $30



This H&M backpack has a classic drawstring and feels like a camp satchel done mini and covered in (faux) leather. $35





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