Gimme Brow : First Impressions #youtubefavoritestruth


I usually use NyX pencil in dark brown or Body Shop eye brow powder in the darkest duo. I have very sparse brows and very dark hair. Gimme brow has been reviewed as volumizing, darkening, and brow thickening.

Store: Sephora
Brand: Benefit
Product: Gimme Brow in medium dark
Hope: to fill In my sparse but dark brows

First impressions: “wow this is a tiny bottle for $22!” (I actually thought maybe it was a sample).

“Oh what a little wand, make up for gnomes! Maybe the product will go far…”

First impressions: I really hate the smell and how my eyebrow feels glued on. I did one brow in Gimme Brow gel and the other in my usual powder and I still prefer powder. If I had lighter hair perhaps this product would be better but if you’re looking to fill in sparse spots this may not be the best.

Second impression: the glued on feeling fades but I didn’t notice a difference but when I went to dinner and asked which brow was better everyone picked the pencil + Gimme Brow over the pencil + powder! The Gimme Brow brow has a natural 3-D effect.

Final verdict: Bouncing in and out of the return pile… Ultimately this will come down to price. I would still need my pencil and powder along with this and while my brows are a bit nicer with the gel, it’s not enough to justify $22.

Did it work: yes. It made my brow hairs have more volume but it didn’t fill them in.

As for the brand… I still love Benefit if for nothing else besides They’re Real Mascara. They’re items tend more towards quality so I’m sure I’ll be reviewing more of their items soon!

*Unsponsored, my money, my opinions.


One thought on “Gimme Brow : First Impressions #youtubefavoritestruth

  1. nedralucas

    Thank you so much for this review. I have been considering Gimme Brow for a couple of months now, and this might have just swayed me in the opposite direction!


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