Covet: SCANDALous coats at The Limited

I really wanted to get over to my local Limited to do a Scandal look book but alas the inventory is low. Luckily there are still a few goodies up online!

It’s all about the coats on this collection (no surprise). Everything is nice and I loved the Livvy pants but the price point on this was a bit scandalous. Coats average $250 which is a lot so quality will certainly get an update here. The coats are phenomenal really.

This one caught my eye first


And after careful consideration and seeing that it comes in petite (petite and tall have free returns and only returning by mail can solicit a Paypal refund) I order this for a try. It says it’s lines so maybe it can withstand a New York winter.

Then I came upon these


Which I’ve been searching for (nice black trousers) but they’re almost $100. So – no.

Then I went back to coats… Because they’re a necessity right?


Ok this isn’t a coat… But it’s so cool! Sherlock Pope? Distant relative?? No? Ok then how about this one…


A modern take on the cape (sold out like Sally Lunn’s Buns).

Then this one which is the coat I always covet on Olivia Pope so I had to give it a try. No petite so it’s in store returns. No Paypal.


The light pink was just too perfect and very hard to find these days.

This skirt also gets a shout out. I truly can’t imagine it on a woman from a back view… But it’s nice on the model!



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