Style Steal: Ashley Benson

We’ve all suffered from the internal struggle that is picking your favorite PLL style. “I was all Aria but then she added too much glitter so now I’m Spencer circa Radley.”

The Liars have us covered from interview-chic to pg-13 sexy first dates, but what of the real ladies behind the Liars?

If you’re on Instagram (and I know you are) you’ll know Spencer is really Troian – a spandex loving aerialist, Aria is really Lucy – a sweet country girl, Emily is really Shay – an outdoorsy BLOGGER and Hanna is really Ashley… who just got Cov’d and placed herself as the Liar to watch.

The article shows off both Benson’s wardrobe and house which mixes skulls, Balenciaga, and two adorable pups to make the most covetable landscape ever. One glance at the Fornasetti plates, black velvet wing-backs, white ceramic monkey (wearing a took no less), and a carefully hung Ewok backpack and I knew I was re-doing my room to match this. The gothic-crazy vibe with none of the heavy dungeon feel. California cool in a New York way. A killer pool. Which has no fanciful description… it’s just plain awesome!

Then there’s the clothing. A wardrobe that seems to revolve around the perfect jacket – from classic camel to dominatrix red, to the stop me it was ON SALE leather wonder. She throws a lot of love to her stylist Jamie Schneider and I have to say, Ms. Schneider can make me over any day. (Bring the Saint Laurent please).


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