Behind the Looking Glass:Sephora Rouge

I can’t believe it but I actually made it to Sephora VIB Rouge. I swear it was all of those joint b-day gifts! To get to VIB Rouge you need to spend $1,000… in a year. I didn’t quite spend that (aforementioned gifting) but oh man do I still feel guilty. The main problem with VIB and VIB Rouge is that it highlights that you may in fact have a problem.

My make-up hoarding aside, I’ve heard a lot of smack talk about the VIB Rouge program… that it was a waste of time and money. If you’re spending $1,000 because you think at the end of it is a grab bag of free make-up and exclusive parties that will allow you to live the Kate Moss life, you will be disappointed. VIB is a fun incentive program and so far I’m enjoying it but since Sephora gives away so much stuff to all of its customers getting to Rouge may not feel that different. I’ll keep updating this as the year goes along but so far I like Rouge, although I will not be trying to spend another grand to keep it up. Too rich for my blood sir!


The beauty insider card is a must get. It is free, you get points, and ultimately free stuff. There’s no spending requirement and it is the best way to learn about promotions. Getting this and the app makes shopping at Sephora WAY to easy!


which is how you’ll make it to…


You need to spend $300 to get here (in the year) which is actually very easy at Sephora. I got offered better freebies out of this, got a coupon for free shipping (once) a free makeover (I never used) and a 20% off welcome coupon. I also got invited to their November 20% off sale which I never had been before. If you’re trying to up your status this sale is an excellent time to do it.

VIB Rouge

$1,000 later… I qualified and got nothing and raged a little. I had heard a lot of bad things. Vintage or Tacky (YT) got a red nail polish by Sephora X for her status, I got bupkis. But then I got a $20 off $50 gift card in the mail (which btw you apply like a GC at check out – it took me a few to figure that one out!) and then I was able to get access to even better 100 point perks (mini holiday Deborah Lippmann and Urban Decay lippie) and a 0 point welcome item which was a Rouge Sehora lippie! I’ve been VIB Rouge for less than a month and already feel like I’m getting a good deal. I don’t see how Sephora can make a profit like this but I shall enjoy it while it lasts. I also got an invite to an event but it was at 4pm on a weekday (really? why are all events at 4pm on weekdays now. Even my reunion is on a weekday!)


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