Study Abroad: Roommates

SA is all about travel… until it isn’t. After you’ve booked your destination it suddenly dawns on you that you won’t be taking this journey alone after all  – a few dozens strangers are going along with you and anyone who has ever seen the Real World knows what a disaster this can be. SA roommates are similar to freshman year floor mates, there’s a ton of them and you may not like any of them. Plan early.

While still at school have a mixer, be it dinner at the school cafe or a party at your place. Getting to know your new travel companions on a basic level will ease the nerves of SA and help you plan for once you get there. With a few people to talk to the airport departure won’t seem so scary. You’ll know the people, but not too well. Not enough to dread living with someone.

Once you get there beware early talks of weekend trips. The entire apartment may want to go to Spain together but one massive lost-in-Madrid fight and it makes for an awkward semester. People on SA love to plan impromptu trips with people they barely know. No matter what you will make new friends on this trip, if you make them slowly they may even last.




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