Book Shelf: The Hundred Year House by Rebecca Makkai

I made it to the end! Whew! This book is beautifully written, the story is fantastic, the end result us more confusing than a Star Trek episode. The characters were unlikable, but you’re really only supposed to like the house (I think) which you do!

The story opens in 1999 where your meet Doug & Zee, a married couple who live for their boring academicness… except that Doug doesn’t really and Zee is… eccentric. As Y2K counts down there is crazy drama and the story is quite compelling and just when you’re hooked – you’re in 1955. Yes, that’s right, this book goes backwards. 1955 is followed by 1929 and a few short bursts of other time periods and 1900. The epilogue should really have been a timeline explaining what just happened rather than 1900. I prefer to know what really happened by the time I finish a book. Goodreads has a few good questions up if you have read and have your own theories, let us know!

Overall a good book to pick up.


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