Love it, need it, want it tag

1. What are you currently in love with, that you own
My pink and white satin Victoria pj set – so cozy and luxurious!!

2. What would you buy on your 2015 wish list
The black cherry Rebecca Minkoff quilted affair handbag
– went in for the Le Boy dupe = love bag but the T was so sporty I then fell for the quilted affair

3. What does your makeup collection need?
Nothing! VIB Rouge…. Enough said right? (Although 2x skincare may happen)

4. What do you need to add to you handbag collection?
Smaller bags that can fit a wallet and sunglasses but don’t weigh 40 pounds. (The forever 21 luggage is taking me down like Piza)

5. What do you want to add to your wardrobe?
Cute 60s style long sleeve peasant dresses

6. What do you want to add to your SLG collection?

7. Dreams and aspirations for 2015
Spend more time on worthwhile things, less Netflix and less shopping! (More reviews here too!)

8. To-do list 2015
Paint my room!

9. Holiday plans?
A few potential escapes are in the mix… Stay tuned to come along!

10. Where would you love to go on holiday?
Asia – Japan is the dream but it is very expensive so SE Asia (Thailand Cambodia and Laos tour) or China

11. Bucket list items to tick this year
I don’t have a bucket list but I suppose getting another stamp in my passport is tops.

And of course I tag everyone who would like to do this.



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