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Style Steal: Wendy Beauchamp (East End)

Every week I tune into Witches of East End to see Freya (Tatum) choose between the goodly doc and his naughty bartender bro and also to see what Aunt Wendy (Amick) is wearing that episode. From her signature “antique” amulet to her endless supply of Topshop kimonos – every outfit she has is perfection and always finished with a simple silver bangle high on her arm. The perfect blend of fantasism (we’re making up words now) and the utterly mortal bohemian, I love everything so much I pretty much rotate my own wardrobe based on hers. Finding a good fashion template is great because it makes getting dressed that much easier. This weekend we’re going for leggings, a black tunic, and tons of enchanting bling a la episode s1e7 Unburied.

For the weekday-workday we’ll have to class it up a bit. Forget the skimpy camisoles Wendy uses to keep “warm” in those oh so temperate New York winters. Finding a few snuggly pieces that still have her eccentric flair should be easy this season with stores beginning to stock their own takes on the runway trends.

Finally, let’s not forget the nails. Her long black nails filed to a point are daring and sexy. While I may not be brave enough to make mine that pointed and then try to remove my own contact lens, the overall effect is easily replicated. Thank you OPI in Onyx.

Kimono Topshop
75 GBP

tank Urban Outfitters

Bangle House of Harlow

Necklace Etsy

Work top Yumi Kim


Cuff Etsy

Antique pendant Etsy