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The Backpack Edit

Finally, backpacks have slothed their way out of fashion oblivion and regained their rightful 90s glory as a season essential. Jansports used to be the the ONLY backpack in the yard, those brightly colored canvas carry-alls that were $15 at Marshalls, but the new crop of backpacks are a distant relative of the backpack and the oh-so-cute school tote. These bags have serious style and many have more straps than I know what to do with. Which style are you buying this season?!

The Luxe – These are all from Shopbop










The High

u3UNIF has brought us this bucket backpack with 2-way adjustable straps (shoulder and over the shoulder). $138

I can’t even deal with how much I want this ridiculous yin-yang backpack. Especially when it is filled with those sweetie candies no one ever buys but they end up filling your sack on Halloween – what were those? – but this is seriously cute in a nostalgic-but-my-boss-would-be-like-whaaaaaa? kinda way.


Urban Outfitters had a huge selection, and they offer free ship + free returns!


*clockwise, skipping the wallet-friendly double clasp cutie*

Channel your inner elf with this chrisvanveghel number, simple clean leather folded into a knapsack. $375

Keep the summer outdoorsy vibe going year round with this Frye classic backpack. $448

If Denaris went to summer camp, this Collina Strada Novella silver satchel pack is what she’d use to keep her dragon eggs close. (and that’s a good reason for you to buy it!) $495

TGraded leather Campos backpack, now this is cool and different. $278

Tory Birch, so subtle, so sexy, $395ttt

The Moderate

A surprisingly affordable option from Urban Outfitters, this Cooperative Oliver backpack is chic and utilitarian. $69 *see UO graphic above

ttMarc Jacobs nylon backpack, $198


I ended up ordering a few from Forever 21 = faux leather, free ship AND in-store returns. *Below, clockwise*

A bit of a mail bag style with the fat bottom and thin folded top, this bag has two straps and a handle for the crook of your arm. $33

Classic but retro, this is one of the few chic packs to have zips, which is a nice feature for security. $28

This drawstring pack got an update from it’s gold bar clasp. It also looks cheekily like the $2,000 one from the Row. $33

This is a true backpackbag hybrid, a bit more bag than backpack, an itty bitty baglet that can really only hold your essentials (lipstick, iphone, business cards). $30



This H&M backpack has a classic drawstring and feels like a camp satchel done mini and covered in (faux) leather. $35





H&M and The Epic Season

All the style bloggers have been a-twitter (means more nowadays then ever before) about the new items on offer at H&M. This s/s has taken a textured/architectural turn that gives us a reprieve (and office friendly) style alternative to boho chic. From my favorite cornflower blue to an art-inspired dress these are my top 5 picks.


The Architect’s Top: $35


2. Gustav Klimt’s Dress: $70


3. The Beach Bum’s Boot: $70


4. Farmer’s Daughter’s Favorite Blouse: $25


5. Cruella Deville’s White Crocodile Textured Dress: $35


Bonus: That Celfie Top you wanted: $13 (super soft)


Me, Meade, Moorish Prints

As Sheldon Cooper pointed out in The Big Bang Theory Renaissance Faires are anything but historically accurate. What he failed to notice was that from a design perspective they offered up some pretty enticing ideas. Every year my friends and I go to our local Ren Faire, partly for tradition and partly for the frozen bananas, we also refuse to dress up and then immediately feel boring and lame for being the only ones without elf ears. While lobe prosthetics may not be on the catwalk this year it is easy to embrace the whimsical au natural ease of forest folk and meade wenches.


Old school chain mail – Steve Madden Shiney Sandals $99 (at Macy’s)

Lady of the forest – Forever 21 Boho Doll Shift Dress $29.80

Friend to the animals – House of Harlow Talon Cuff $85

Renaissance princess – House of Harlow Electric Charge Cocktail Ring Red $55

The queen’s jewels – House of Harlow Kaleidoscope Fingerpick Necklace $88

Travel in layers – H&M Patterned Kimono $29.95

Etsy MetalStudioThailand

Oxford Street Haul

Today was a surprisingly beautiful day in London, which was very needed after constant hurricane-like winds and rain. As I sit here writing this it is once again pouring buckets and causing a fuss with all its lightning and thunder. Luckily, I’m already safely tucked away with some take-away Tikka Masala and a cuppa and have finished my shopping for the day… err month.

Oxford Street is the most infamous of London’s shopping streets, it’s hectic like Times Square, and has enough shops to fill a North American Mall, but has lovely sunshine and refreshing drizzles. To escape the stress that my school books are putting on my brain I made the quick trip from campus to Oxford Circus tubestop. This lets you out right at the Topshop. This Topshop is three floors and while it’s not shockingly large in space it is grand in hoard. I sometimes expect to move a rack of bucket bags and find a litter of bunnies (Hoarders on A&E anyone?). This time I was concentrating on nail polish. I’ve been coveting the Chanel camel tone for awhile but can’t bare the price and Topshop’s polishes are about five quid. I almost bought one, but it was a bit orangey and I ended up buying my friends back home something instead.

Topshop, which seems to cultivate cool from all over the world, had many pieces I would have liked to add to my wardrobe. Especially some seed-bead bangles and lace crop tops. The bangles were like 45 quid which is insane and the tops, which were more understandable at 45, would just fall apart too easily. So I tried on every single white lace item in the middle of the store and caused a traffic jam and left the fashion floor having bought nothing and hiding my face from the clerk who was shaking his head in exasperation. (I put it all back proper I promise!)

Next was next. I popped in to buy jeans, saw the bulky cuts and dull washes and left. Very disappointing as I bought a pair of high wasted shorts there last month and LOVE them. And I hate shorts – but I’m trying to break that after Zooey Deschanel’s mournful plea about her loss of high-waisted short privileges on New Girl I figured maybe they were something special.

Dorothy Perkins is where my flatmate buys all of her trousers and she’s native to the UK so I trust her. Got two pairs of jeans there. One VERY blue pair and one hot pink, both skinny – I’m not over this trend yet as they fit perfectly into my beloved boots. DP also has jeans that hit you between the belly button and the… rest. Finally! The designers remembered where pants need to hit you. No one wants to see my business and I don’t want my spleen to be pushed into my ribcage every time I sit. OK, I have some high-waisted but at least now I can take days off. The jeans were 25 pounds each, which was a bit expensive but I live in jeans and just had my last pair literally fall apart on my body. (Once you’ve been to mass at the Vatican to see the Pope and realized you have a massive hole in the crotch of your trousers you stop waiting so long to buy new). Dorothy Perkins (and UK Topshop) has a pretty generous student discount so my 50 turned into 41.50.

Then was Monsoon and River Island. Lots of studs and tropical prints. No sales, pretty expensive.

Then Primark, my weakness. It’s just so cheap! I got a yellow floral pair of shorts for around the house and sleeping, and a knit union jack sweater from the men’s department (I’ve been mocked mercilessly for my love of the Union Jack, but everyone over here wears American flags so humph). I had tilled out and successfully avoided the floral dresses (which all had an unfortunate elastic waistband, there has to be a way to make that look less cheap) and neon prints. I was safely within my budget having spent 5 on the shorts and 10 on the sweater, then, while my flatmate was online, I saw the cutest pair of shorts and against my better judgement threw them into her pile as if I were on Supermarket Sweep. They’re grey and a bit billowy so they almost look like a skirt, the grey is a bit soft and they have neon pink piping around the pockets! They feel like butter – amazing for 10 pounds. They’re a bit short so I’d wear them with stockings (and I’m a bit short so be wary).

So, that was my haul today, went out for trousers and found a pile of receipts and a piece of mind.

Happy Shopping.